RasterTreeItem( parentItem, icon, text [, value [, isRoot]] )

Represents an item in a tree control. Tree items are not created by using this constructor directly, but rather using of the add() method off the tree or any treeItem instance.

The icon URL might be prefixed by Raster resource-folder tag. The prefix "IMG:" is replaced with the current raster/images location, for example: "IMG:icon.gif" resolves to "$RASTER_HOME$/images/icon.gif". The prefix "CSS:" is replaced with the current css themes images location, for example: "CSS:icon.gif" resolves to "$RASTER_HOME$/themes/$THEME$/images/icon.gif".

Do not place a "/" between the prefix and the rest of the URL, as a forward slash will be inserted automatically. For configuring the RASTER_HOME and THEME use the Raster.config() method.


Name Type   Description
parentItem object A Tree or TreeItem object that owns this item.
icon string String containing path of a 16x16 image file or an object that implements the IID_SPRITEINFO interface such as the constants in the ICONS16 object. Set to null if no icon is desired.
text string Text shown in the tree item; set to null for is no text is needed.
value any optional Placeholder for an application-specific value to be associated with this tree item. User can access this value later in the Tree's click event handler.
isRoot boolean optional True if this constructor is called from the RasterTree constructor, otherwise unspecified. This argument is for internal use only.

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