RasterControl( [parent [, containerTag]] )

Base class for all UI controls. Provides a blank "box" or general-purpose panel for rendering any kind of custom content. This class is meant to be extended by another object that implements what is going to be rendered inside the control, thus is seldom this constructor will be used directly.

The following are sub-classes of RasterControl: RasterDialog, RasterGraphics, RasterList, RasterMenu, RasterSplitter, RasterSprite, RasterTabbar, RasterTabItem, RasterToolbar, RasterTree, and RasterTreeItem.


Name Type   Description
parent value optional A string containing the ID of a DOM element, a reference to a DOM element, or another control object. If this argument is null, the control is created but not attached to the DOM tree; setParent() must be invoked later to specify the parent control.
containerTag string optional Specifies the HTML tag used to surround the content of this control. If this argument is omitted, the "div" tag is used. Other possible values include: "span", "tr", "li" etc..
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