Object passed to a splitter event handler containing information about the event in progress. The object has the following properties:
event       The associated DOM event object.
type        Indicates the type of event.
splitter    The splitter control that issued the event.
size        The new size a splitter has been resized to.

The type property indicates what the event does. The following table lists its possible values:

Event Type Description resize A splitter was resized. The size property contains the new splitter size. The size property may be modified by the event handler to specify a different size. Cancelling this event will prevent the splitter from being resized.

Example: Hooking up a splitter event handler
var sp = new RasterSplitter("mySplitDiv", 'bottom');
sp.setContent(1, "bottomContentDiv");
sp.setContent(2, "topContentDiv");

sp.setSizeHandler( myHandler );

function myHandler( evt )
    alert ( "New size is " + evt.size );
    evt.size = Math.max( evt.size, 100  ); //overwrite sizes less
                                           //  than 100px

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