RasterTabbar( [parent [, alignTop]] )

Creates a Tab bar control. The following example creates a tab bar in a DIV with a id="tabbar1":
var tab1 = new RasterTabbar("tabbar1");

tab1.setCustomizable(true); // allow tab reordering
tab1.add( ICONS16.HOUSE,"Home" ).select(); //selected tab
tab1.add( ICONS16.COG,  "System" );
tab1.add( ICONS16.TABLE,"Databases" );


<div id='tabbar1'></div>
The minimum height for a tab bar container is 28px. A tab bar will spread horizontally to take all the available horizontal space of the containing parent.

The icon URL might be prefixed by Raster resource-folder tag. The prefix "IMG:" is replaced with the current raster/images location, for example: "IMG:icon.gif" resolves to "$RASTER_HOME$/images/icon.gif". The prefix "CSS:" is replaced with the current css themes images location, for example: "CSS:icon.gif" resolves to "$RASTER_HOME$/themes/$THEME$/images/icon.gif".

Do not place a "/" between the prefix and the rest of the URL, as a forward slash will be inserted automatically. For configuring the RASTER_HOME and THEME use the Raster.config() method.


Name Type   Description
parent object optional One of the following: a string containing the ID of a DOM element, a reference to a DOM element, or another control object. If this argument is null, the control is created but not attached to the DOM tree; setParent() must be invoked later to specify the parent control.
alignTop boolean optional Specifies how this tabbar renders. True align tabs to the top of the control, false align the tabs to the bottom (default).

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