RasterDialog( [parent [, icon [, title [, useIFrameBackdrop]]]] )

Implements a floating dialog window. The following example creates a dialog in the BODY element and move a DIV element with id="dialogContent" inside the dialog content area:
var d = new RasterDialog( null, ICONS16.COG, "Console" );
d.setContent( "dialogContent" );
d.setEventHandler( dialogHandler ); // specify event handler
d.moveTo( 100, 100);                // position dialog
d.setSize( 250, 150 );              // set content size
d.setMaxSize( 500, 300);            // limit max size
d.setMinSize( 200, 80);             // limit min size
d.setResizable( true );             // can be resized
d.setButtons( false,false,false,true ); // show close button
d.setContent( "dialogContent" ); // move the div#dialogContent
                                 // element into the


<div id='dialogContent'>
     This is the dialog content.
An icon URL might be prefixed by Raster resource-folder tag. The prefix "IMG:" is replaced with the current raster/images location, for example: "IMG:icon.gif" resolves to "$RASTER_HOME$/images/icon.gif". The prefix "CSS:" is replaced with the current css themes images location, for example: "CSS:icon.gif" resolves to "$RASTER_HOME$/themes/$THEME$/images/icon.gif".

Do not place a "/" between the prefix and the rest of the URL, as a forward slash will be inserted automatically. For configuring the RASTER_HOME and THEME use the Raster.config() method.


Name Type   Description
parent object optional One of the following: a string containing the ID of a DOM element, a reference to a DOM element, or another control object. If this argument is null, the control is created in the document.body element.
icon string optional String containing path of a 16x16 image file or an object that implements the IID_SPRITEINFO interface such as the constants in the ICONS16 object. Set to null if no image needed.
title string optional Text shown in the dialog's title bar; set to null if no text is needed.
useIFrameBackdrop boolean optional Set to true to draw a IFRAME behind the the dialog. This feature is useful in IE where it is not possible to position DIVs over plugins areas, for example, vlc player. The IFRAME solves the ovelay issue. Omit this argument of set to false to turn off the IFRAME feature.

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