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Modern browsers have become incredibly fast at rendering HTML. This speed has enabled us, the developers, to build richer and more dynamic front-ends for our web applications.

In today's web browsers, JavaScript is no longer limited to doing just web services back-end communication and form-field validation tasks; when used in combination with CSS standards and HTML features such as the canvas element and web sockets, one can create user interfaces that are rich and highly interactive without need for any third-party plug-in.

This page shows interactive user interfaces built with advanced DOM manipulation techniques using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Vectorballs 6 Vectorballs - Edwin R. Lopez Portfolio This is 3D animation of Vectorballs shapes. User may choose from a variety of shapes to rotate around. Back in the day I originally wrote this animation in Turbo Pascal for a i486 PC; today modern browsers can run it in JavaScript just as fast!
3D Mesh 3D Mesh - Edwin R. Lopez Portfolio This demo draws a 3D surface the user can drag and rotate around in real time using the mouse.

If you are using IE8 or earlier versions, drag the shape slow to see the rotation effect. Since IE8 and earlier versions do not have canvas support, VML is used instead. VML isn't fast, but gets the job done if you can spare the patience. For a better experience consider viewing this demo in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or IE9+ (which supports canvas).
Simple Photo Browser Photo Slider - Edwin R. Lopez Portfolio This demo implements a simple photo browser. The user is presented with a set of pictures that can be re-organized to create a custom slideshow.

This demo uses components from the Raster UI Library.
Click and drag the shape to rotate it manually.
Click and drag the shape to rotate it manually.
Photoshow - Edwin R. Lopez Portfolio 
Photoshow - Edwin R. Lopez Portfolio 
Drag and organize photos in the desired order, then hit play to watch the slide show.
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